Olds school Rockford Fosgate Punch 360a Car Amplifier

Small package with BIG power for a 2 channel amplifier!


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The crossover switch allows you to select high pass, full (off) or low pass.The slope is 12dB per octave Butterworth.  

There is a rotary gain control for the left and right channels.

The power display is a red LED.

There is a Punch Bass knob with adjustable bass equalization that can increase bass boost from 0-18dB at 45Hz. 

The crossover frequency knob is variable from 50-210Hz. 


The remote input is a gold plated 0.250" spade terminal. The female quick slide is NOT included. 

There are gold plated set screw terminals for power and ground. 

There are gold plated set screw terminals for left and right speakers    (mono = +L and -R) 

There are gold plated RCA preamplified inputs. 

The high level input (speaker level) has a Molex jack for use with the supplied harness.


Special Features: 

Die Cast heat sink: Dissipates heat for up to 30% improvement in cooling over conventional heat sink design. 

MEHSA(Maximum Efficiency Heat Sink Application) allows for greater power output and maximum reliability. 

Trans Ana circuitry for a simpler signal path which results in better performance.

Topaz: (Tracking Operation Pre-Amplifier Zone): This feature eliminates ground loops thus eliminating 80% of  amplifier noise problems. 

DSM: (Discrete Surface Mount) In the manufacturing process high speed robotics are used to place 0% tolerance resistors and large board traces providing greater reliability and efficiency.

The amp uses MOSFET power supply and output devices.

NOMAD (Non-Multiplying Advanced Decision): This is an intelligent protection circuit that uses an analog computer to make real time decisions regarding temperature, voltage, current and impedance.The unit is protected without limiting sound output unless needed. 


Amplifier Power Ratings:

(Dynamic Power Rating measured at 14.4V) 

  • Mono into 4-ohm load: 450 watts x 1  
  • Per channel into a 2-ohm load: 210 watts x 2  
  • Per channel into a 4-ohm load: 140 watts x 2 

(Continuous Power Rating measured at 13.8V) 

  • Mono into 4-ohm load: 360 watts x 1      < .1% THD 
  • Per channel into a 2-ohm load: 180 watts x 2  < .1%      THD
  • Per channel into a 4-ohm load: 90 watts x 2  <.05% THD

The minimum recommended impedance is 4 ohms bridged; 2 ohms stereo.

90 Days Parts and Labor