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We provide troubleshooting services for every automobile manufacturer including: GM, Ford, Chrysler/Dodge, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Jeep, Porsche, Mercedes, Maserati We are well experienced in repairing aftermarket brands such as rockford fosgate, kicker, audio control, audison, Sony, Pioneer, Blaupunkt, Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse, Becker, zapco, Pioneer and Much More. We can repair almost every brand of car audio, even antique radios for classics, muscle cars, and restorations.

Samples of most common car stereo system issues we have encountered

No Sound Problem

BMW vehicles may suffer from problems such as no sound from speakers, iDrive not turning on, and even cracking sound from the speakers... 

no sound.jpg

Not getting any AM/FM Stations

Numerous issues had been reported on FM or AM station issues with most Dodge Radio. Based on our experienced, there is a faulty components on mainboard causes the circuit to open or no connection in tuner module...



Whether a cosmetic, cracked, or no touchscreen function - Why purchase the whole head unit which could cost you $$$$ from dealers if we can get most of these screens replace at a fraction of that cost?

cadillac screen.jpg

CD's Jammed

This is a very common issues on vehicles comes with either a 3, 4, or a 6 disc cd player. One lucky way of solving this problem is to disconnect the battery (make sure you have the security code if equipped) for at least 10 minutes. Reconnect it back and the system should start initializing normally. Sometimes this fixes itself accordingly...

cd jammed.jpg

No Power VW Radio

In this day and age, many of us can’t imagine driving without access to radio, navigation, and smartphone connectivity in our cars. Driving in silence and fumbling around with a map is basically a thing of the past, so having your infotainment screen quit on you is understandably irksome...

vw radio.jpg

Sound is Too Loud!

"This simply means that you're getting too Old"....

We welcome all kinds of DIY, and or any after market sound system issues as well.

too loud.webp

How important is this service?

While a nonfunctional car radio won’t prevent you from driving, it can be a serious inconvenience. It limits your entertainment options, but it can actually be a safety issue. Many drivers rely on their radio to help them stay alert and awake while driving.

Car radio problems are most common with aftermarket equipment installed, but even OEM equipment can experience problems ranging from shorts to blown fuses to corrosion. If your car radio isn’t working, or the system isn’t working properly, one of our technician can inspect and diagnose the problem, and then repair the system for you.

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