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All of the Xe.Tune™ controls for the crossovers, sensitivity, and bass boost are located on the top of the amplifier. All crossovers are ultra precise LinkwitzRiley 24dB per octave and a separate high and low pass filter is available for each set of channels. This means that any standalone Xenon amplifier can be set to bandpass by turning both crossovers on. This feature is rarely available on any other amplifier on the market today. All crossover frequency potentiometers have 41 detents or “clicks”so the end user can set the exact crossover frequency desired. For example, turn the potentiometer 12 clicks for exactly 85Hz. No more turning the potentiometer and guessing where your crossover points are. Full Range Auxiliary Outputs, LPL and RMD Ports come standard on all units. Large direct-insert 4 gauge power terminals and 12 gauge speaker terminals are also standard. On the X200.4 and X1200.1, there is a second set of power terminals located on the opposition side of the amplifier. This allows the installer to use dual 4 gauge inputs, or use the separate input for a power capacitor.

Condition: Working Condition

Phoenix Gold Xenon X200.4

SKU: X200.4
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