Lightning Audio 2 channel amplifier

Send a bolt of lightning charging through your car audio system — with a Bolt power amplifier by Lightning Audio, that is!


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Internal Crossover: The internal 12dB/octave crossover may be set for high-pass, full range, or low-pass operation. The crossover frequency is variable from 40Hz to 400Hz.

Juice Boost: The amplifier includes a control that allows you to boost bass +6dB, centered at 50Hz.

Compatibility with Optional Cooling Fan: The optional CT-1 "Cooling Turbine" may be added to this amplifier. The fan is made to replace the "Bolt" grille on the amplifier's top panel. If you plan on running your system at its limits and/or the amplifier will be mounted where there is little air circulation, the additional cooling provided by the CT-1 will help keep distortion levels low and extend the life of the amplifier.


Left Side of Amplifier:

  •     Juice Boost Switch:    allows you to select 0dB or +6dB

  • Filter    Switch: allows you to select high-pass, flat (full range), or low-pass    crossover operation

  • Crossover Frequency:    the crossover frequency control is variable from 40Hz to 400Hz 
  • Gain: a rotary    gain control that allows you to adjust the speaker output level  

Inputs and Outputs

Left Side of Amplifier: 

  • Input: gold-plated RCA    jacks 
  •     Speaker-level Input:    5-pin jack for use with supplied wiring harness

Right Side of Amplifier:

  • Speakers: gold-plated screw    terminals; each terminal is 0.319" wide 
  • +12V: 0.487" wide gold-plated    screw terminal
  • REM: 0.351" wide gold-plated    screw terminal 
  • GND: 0.487" wide gold-plated    screw terminal 
  • Fuse: one ATC 25-amp blade fuse
90 Days Parts and Labor