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2 Ohm Stable

The lowest impedance accepted by this amplifier is 2 ohms. Amplifiers that are 2 ohms stable produce more power resulting in more volume. This amp can comfortably power speakers or subwoofers with all channel(s) being used at a load of 2 ohms.


Class A/B

Class A/B amplifiers have long been known for their ability to produce great quality sound while performing more efficiently than pure Class A amplifiers. We have developed a specific linear circuitry that further reduces distortion while increasing both sound quality and power output.


High and Low Level Inputs

An amplifier with both high-level and low-level inputs provides flexibility by allowing you to build an audio system using virtually any standard factory or aftermarket source unit. High-level (speaker level) inputs accept the signal from the speakers, while low-level (RCA) inputs accept the signal from the pre-amp outputs of the source unit.



MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. MOSFETs are used either as a switch or to amplify a signal. MOSFETs are superior to other FETs, because they require less current to operate, which makes them better suited for car audio.



If the amplifier gets too hot, the thermal protection circuit turns the amp off and allows the amp to cool down before turning it back on. If a speaker fails causing an electrical short, the protection circuit will automatically cut the output and remain in that state until the short is resolved. These safety features give you peace of mind knowing the amplifier is constantly monitoring conditions to protect itself.


Subwoofer Level Control

The ability to boost or attenuate the sub level when an amp and subwoofer are connected to the subwoofer pre-amp output.


Switchable Bass Boost

Switchable Bass Boost allows you to boost the low bass +18db.


Switchable Input Sensitivity

Switchable Input Sensitivity gives you the freedom to connect the amp to any standard source unit and have peace of mind it will be within range to properly match the output of the source unit allowing you to use the volume controls on your source unit the way it was designed.


Variable Gain Control

Variable Gain Control lets you balance the amps output with the speakers or subs the amp is driving. To much gain will lead to distortion and to little will lead to clipping.


Variable Low Pass Filter

Variable low-pass filter gives you control over the frequencies that pass through to the subwoofer.

Planet Audio PL1500.1M Pulse 1500 Watt, 2 Ohm Stable Class A/B, Monoblock, Mosfe

SKU: PL1500.1M
Excluding GST/HST
  • Pulse MODEL 1500W High Output Monoblock Class A/B Amplifier Dim:9.96"L 7"W 2.39"H

    • MODEL 1500W High Output MONOBLOCK Amplifier
      Up to 1125 W X 1 RMS @ 2 ohm
      Up to 563 W X 1 RMS @ 4 ohm
    • Monoblock Class A/B, MOSFET Power Supply
    • High and Low Level Inputs
    • Variable Low Pass Crossover, Switchable Bass Boost
    • Include Remote Subwoofer Control
    • Blue Illuminated Planet Audio Logo and End Panel Strips
    • Dimensions: 9.96" L x 7" W x 2.39" H
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