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This 500/1000 Watt enclosure features Memphis Audio’sSR Pro 10” mids paired with dual SR Pro horn tweeters making it one of the loudest pro audio boxes available. The SRXPE10D4F showcases a stunning display of RGB LED lights which include a center illuminated dust cap and rear mounted ring lights on the mids and fully translucent illuminating tweeters creating an awesome lightshow. A handle is incorporated into the body of the box to allow for easy transportation in and outside of vehicles making this an awesome accessory for anyone wanting the ability to fill a space with an absurd amount of sound.

Memphis Audio SRXPE10D4F SRX Pro Dual 10" Chuchero Car Enclosure w/Tweeters+LED

C$599.00 Regular Price
C$399.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
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