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Memphis SRXPE10D4F Dual 10" Chuchero Car Enclosure Box w/LED's

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  • Features of SRXPE10D4F: Memphis Audio SRXPE10D4F SRX Pro Dual 10" Chuchero Car Enclosure w/Tweeters+LED. MEMFUEGO DUAL 10" & DUAL TWEETER ENCLOSURE. 10" high output SR Pro Component Speaker. Fiberglass filled paper cone with cloth edge. RGB dustcap and backlit speaker ring. 55Oz magnet. 25mm high output horn tweeter. PEI diaphragm tweeter. Mylar capacitor tweeter (6dB crossover). RGB backlit horn tweeter. Street Reference Pro Speakers. Dual 10" 2 Way Full Range Loaded Enclosure

Memphis Audio Pro Audio Speakers 1000 watts

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