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Kicker's 43DXA2504 DX-Series 4 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier can send 30 watts RMS to each of your front and rear speakers from a compact chassis that'll fit into a lot of places in your vehicle. This amp delivers around three times the power of a typical factory radio, so it'll add a lot of clarity and punch to your music. You can also use the front channels on the DXA250.4 to power your front speakers, and bridge the rear channels together to power a subwoofer with 125 watts RMS.

KICKER DXA 250.4 250 Watt Full Range 4 Channel

SKU: 43DXA2504
C$349.00 Regular Price
C$209.40Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
    • 120 Watt Total Power Output
    • 30 Watts x 4 Channel Total Power Output
    • High Pass Filter
    • Low Pass Filter
    • KickEQ Bass Boost
    • Auto Turn-On
    Height 2.375 in
    Width 12.375 in
    Weight 7 lbs
    Depth 7.125 in


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