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Add a Kicker DX Series amp to your car's system, and you'll get Kicker sound quality without blowing your budget. A sweet-looking DX amp will overcome road noise, and bring a fullness to your music no receiver alone can accomplish.

The DX200.4 4-channel amp will drive your front and rear pairs of speakers with 25 watts RMS each to add new life to your favourite music. Switch over to 2-channel mode and it'll deliver 100 watts each to a pair of speakers or subs, so you can add some punch to your syatem.

Each DX amp accepts speaker-level input signals with an optional adapter, and features an automatic turn-on circuit, so you can hook one up to almost any stereo. Selectable high- and low-pass filters let you adjust the signal so your sub or speakers work to their peak efficiency. You can switch on the bass boost to add some extra punch.


SKU: 08DX2004
Excluding GST/HST
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