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For high-powered thrill-seekers

Hertz's Mille ML Power 4 amp combines the versatility of a multi-channel amp with some serious full-range Class-D firepower. This Mille Power Series 4-channel amp can send each of your front and rear speakers 120 watts RMS, which is the kind of power that makes high-performance aftermarket components sound their best. You could also use this amplifier in 3-channel mode to power your front speakers with 120 watts RMS each, while sending 500 watts RMS to a subwoofer. Or, with the amp in bridged 2-channel mode, you could power two subwoofers with 500 watts RMS each. 

Bi-amp a 2-way active system

The ML Power 4's onboard variable crossovers have extraordinarily wide frequency ranges — stretching up to 5000 Hz for Channel-A — so, for instance, you could use the amp to power two tweeters with one pair of channels, and a couple midrange or mid-bass woofers with the other pair.

Fits and works almost anywhere

Hertz engineered this amp using advanced D-Class technology to ensure efficient and reliable performance. The amp's heat sink is built with both extruded and die-cast aluminum to help keep the amp running cool, even when pushed hard. High-level inputs feature Hertz' ART™ (Automatic Remote Turn-on), so this amp can be used to improve the sound in almost any system, even one using the factory radio.

About Hertz

When you think of Italian cars, you think of style, performance, and awesome sound. Same goes for Italian audio gear. Hertz speakers, subs, and amps have made cars sound super since 1998. Known for great sound and technological innovation, high-end gear from Hertz will bring powerful performance audio to any vehicle or vessel.

Product highlights:

  • 4-channel car amplifier
  • 120 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (250 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms)
  • 500 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • Class-D amplifier technology
  • frequency response: 5-55,000 Hz
  • Channel A:
    • variable high- or low-pass filter (50-5000 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
  • Channel B:
    • variable high- or low-pass filter (80-3300 Hz, 12 dB/octave

Condition: Used or open boxes

Warranty: 90 days


C$560.00 Regular Price
C$280.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
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